Arvind “Rasi” Subramaniam

Principal Investigator
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I am an Assistant Member at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center affiliated with the Basic Sciences Division and with the Computational Biology Program. I am also an Affiliate Assistant Professor in the Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington.

I am originally from Erode, a small town in Southern India. I received my bachelor's degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. I then switched to theoretical physics for my PhD, which I got at the University of Chicago working with Ilya Gruzberg on disorder-induced quantum phase transitions. At the end of my graduate school, I caught the systems biology bug, and decided to try my hand at wet-lab experiments. This led to a postdoc at the Center for Systems Biology in Harvard University, where I worked with Philippe Cluzel and Erin O'Shea on regulation of protein synthesis. Outside of science, I enjoy cooking, swing dancing, and biking.


Inverted translational control of eukaryotic gene expression by ribosome collisions

Comprehensive profiling of translation initiation in influenza virus infected cells

Translational control through differential ribosome pausing during amino acid limitation in mammalian cells

Detoxification of endogenous serine prevents cell lysis upon glucose depletion in bacteria

Kinetic modeling predicts a stimulatory role for ribosome collisions at elongation stall sites in bacteria

An integrated approach reveals regulatory controls on bacterial translation elongation

A serine sensor for multicellularity in a bacterium

Environmental perturbations lift the degeneracy of the genetic code to regulate protein levels in bacteria

Conformal invariance, multifractality, and finite-size scaling at Anderson localization transitions in two dimensions

Boundary criticality and multifractality at the 2D spin quantum Hall transition

Boundary multifractality at the integer quantum Hall plateau transition: implications for the critical theory

Entanglement entropy and multifractality at localization transitions

Corner multifractality for reflex angles and conformal invariance at 2D Anderson metal-insulator transition with spin-orbit scattering

Multifractality and conformal invariance at 2D metal-insulator transition in the spin-orbit symmetry class

Boundary multifractality in critical 1D systems with long-range hopping

Surface criticality and multifractality at localization transitions